Find out about SolarEdge and why should you buy that SolarEdge

SolarEdge, an award-winning American solar inverter manufacturer, has installed systems in over 133 countries throughout the world, with 22.4 GW systems supplied globally. Their inverters are well-known for their clever solutions, which have transformed the way power is harvested and handled in solar photovoltaic systems.

SolarEdge’s DC optimised inverter technology maximises solar energy generation, and its systems are among the most efficient on the market today. It’s no surprise that their inverters have won several honours, including the coveted 2016 inter solar award and the distinguished Edison award.

When compared to other inverters, their inverters produce more energy and deliver a faster return on investment. Not only that, but they also provide one-of-a-kind systems that few other manufacturers provide have available, such as the all-in-one EV charging inverter, which allows you to control your home’s solar while also charging your electric car using the same equipment.

SolarEdge inverters

SolarEdge inverters push the boundaries of what we expect from solar inverters, and have helped to redefine the benchmark that an inverter should achieve on multiple occasions. Instead of electrolytic capacitors, their inverters use thin-film capacitors, which dramatically improve inverter dependability.

They also have built-in DC safety units, which reduce the need for external DC isolators,

 decreasing the number of unnecessary devices and wiring in a solar energy system.

SolarEdge is constantly striving to break new ground in the industry by doubling down on boosting reliability and efficiency. The SolarEdge HD wave, for example, has a record-breaking efficiency of 99.9%, giving homeowners more bang for their buck and more power for their homes.

SolarEdge monitoring platform

SolarEdges inverters are all intelligent devices in and of themselves, and some even have built-in smart metres that function in tandem with power optimisers. All of these systems work together to enhance the output of your system as well as your capacity to monitor and control it.

However, SolarEdges’ free monitoring tool, which is available for any smartphone device, can take this a step further.

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