Find out about Solis and why should you buy that Solis

Solis is a Spanish name that comes from the Latin sol solis, which literally translates to “SUN.” The new Solis range of inverters from Ginlong Technologies is Solis Australasia’s pride and joy. The Solis inverter product line has benefited from more than 20 years of technical development and refinement as a consequence of the Solis engineers’ knowledge and dedication to provide the best product possible.

Why choose soils?

  • Everything is made in-house in our purpose-built manufacturing facility. This enables us to make continuous improvements throughout the process while maintaining complete control over quality assurance.
  • Our statistics on energy efficiency is based on normal operating settings, not on implausible or unsustainable results based on ‘perfect’ operating conditions.
  • Solis products are designed to last a long time and provide dependable service. Our locally located office provides service and help during normal business hours, 5 days a week.
  • Solis is guaranteed by a 5-year ‘out of the box’ industry standard warranty that is locally supported. You can also add another five years to your warranty for a total of ten years.
  • Through our wholesale network, this is available on all Solis inverters.
  • Designed for practicality while maintaining a modern appearance so that it does not become an ugly and prominent element when installed on your property.

Sevices in Australia

Australian office was developed to support the Solis inverter series with local sales, after-sales service, and warranty coverage.

An established network of fully qualified and accredited Service Technicians situated across Australia provides support for the Solis inverter.

Solis team can receive direct training from the Solis Solar Academy.

We have an established team with a track record of success.

Solis Improves Smart Storage Solutions For Australian Homeowners And Installers

Solis recently improved its smart storage solutions for Australian installers and customers. The Solis Smart Home Solution combines single-phase string technology with a sophisticated hybrid platform to enable maximum self-consumption while being safe and dependable.

Solis inverter devices are built for performance and versatility. The Solis storage inverter redefines efficiency in solar plus storage systems. In 2009, Solis joined the Australian market. The Solis storage inverter devices were introduced in 2018, and the range has been favourably appreciated by the industry since then. To create larger yields and a stronger ROI for residential clients, the Solis storage inverter combines best-in-class 97.5 percent efficiency with operational capacities ranging from 3kW to 6kW and dynamic MPPT (2 x MPPTs with 2 x DC inputs). Meanwhile, Solis raises the maximum charging rate and discharging power up to 5kW, with a maximum charging and discharging current of 100A, can give additional backup energy production. With the addition of lead-acid batteries, Solis has become more adaptable for end-users and has given them additional options.

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