Additional InformationSUNGROW Inverter Review | Are SUNGROW Solar Inverters any good?

About Company: –  Sungrow was founded back in 1997 and now this company is the world’s second largest inverter manufacturer behind Huawei, with a net worth of $1.5 billion and specialises in R&D, manufacturing and services of power supply systems for wind energy, energy storage, and all varieties of solar PV power systems. Sungrow has entered Australian solar inverter market since 2012.  There Australian operations are based in North Sydney, NSW, so should you need specific technical assistance, or in case you have any questions about their warranty policies, you can contact Sungrow easily by calling them, sending them an email or you can visit there as well.The residential SG series of solar inverters from Sungrow have become very popular due to the competitive price and great reliability. One of the top STC trading company says that sales wise they are now the second biggest selling solar inverter in Australia by volume, Sungrow has a great reputation for quality compared to many other Chinese manufacturers.

In fact the new SG Premium series which has been replaced in May 2020 has built-in DC isolator and Quick Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (QAFCI) as standard. Sungrow inverters are 98% efficient with dual MPPT allowing them to be extremely suitable for technical designs.Sungrow also offer a single-phase Hybrid solar inverter that again has been a solid performer which works with many battery systems including LG Chem RESU, BYD batteries and the Samsung lithium ion batteries.Sungrow also have in their range of 3 phase inverter systems for that large residential home or indeed for commercial system.Sungrow inverters include Wifi monitoring as standard (using the included dongle) on all models and use the new, modern, cloud based monitoring portal iSolarCloud, The new free smart phone App is also very simple and works quite well.Sungrow offer a variety of meters, dongles and data loggers (logger1000 controller) for single and three-phase installations.

Note, energy meters are required for export limiting and for energy storage systems to function.On the commercial side, the new range of CX string inverters not only look impressive, but have a long list of standard features including smart active cooling systems, inbuilt IV curve scan, PV over-sizing up to 150%, PID recovery, and 9 MPPT’s on the new SG110CX model, making them some of the most advanced inverters on the market.Sungrow Inverter Cost Analysis: are they worth the cost?There are inverters on the market that are significantly cheaper than Sungrow. And it is possible that one of these inverters will do the job. But I haven’t read or heard any other budget inverter that have so many positive reviews and installers recomendadtions.There are plenty that I’d recommend you avoid. Remember The poor man will pay twice.

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