If you have a doubt that someone have quoted you single phase of 5kw solar inverter in order to install 6.6kw solar system but in your property you have three phase power coming. 

 I am going to give the answer of this question in a simple way. So lets begin. 

Usually, people ask about that technically is that possible to run 1 phase inverter on 3 phase property and most importantly is that going to affect our financial return from solar. 

So first of all let me tell you the short answer which is NO it won’t affect your financial return from solar. 

And now let me explain you how. 

Very basic worry is when people having 3 phase supplies and if solar installer install single phase inverter to one of the phase then we think that solar only going to feed one phase or going to benefit to one of the consumption load. 

In fact sometime we get confused that any electricity they use on the 2 phases that are not connected to solar will all be imported at their consumption rate (typically 30c-40c per kWh) depending upon which state you are in and no matter how much solar they are generating on the solar phase. 

Therefore, people think If this were to happen their self-consumption would reduce and their financial returns would reduce too Which looks true when you understand this concept in this manner. 

However, in actual This does not happen. All new smart meters have been designed in such a way that All 3 phase meters must take into account the sum of all the electricity being used on all the phases and then subtract that from the amount of solar energy being generated to calculate the import or export amount for billing.

Moreover, all single phase 5 kw inverter are always $300-$400 cheaper then 3 phase 5 kw inverter regardless of any brand and good thing is no one penalise you financially for having a single-phase inverter on a 3-phase supply. Yes the only benefit for three phase 5 kw inverter that for designing system that will give you more string voltage range as well. 

Now let me explain you through numbers – For example. If you are exporting 5kW of solar through number 1 phase and at the same time your house is consuming or importing 2kW on the number 2 phase and also using 1kW through number 3 phase, now in this scenario your meter will credit you for exporting at a rate of 2kW, 


5 kW exported – 1 kW imported through number 2  – 2 kW imported through number 3 equal to 2 kW exported.

Hopefully this make sense and help you to understand the concept of 1 phase inverter on 3 phase property. 

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