Why Risen panels?

Risen panel are invested strongly in research and improvement to ensure that its panels are the best in the market. Risen panels are receiving with excellent scores in its own tests, the company’s debt share is not bad. 

 Risen panels are also offers in the better product and performance guarantees for 12-15 and 25-30 years, respectively. This is better than what most other manufacturers offer.

  These risen panel are designed for Australian climatic conditions. Coupled with the warranty, you can be confident that the panel will last a long time. The risen panel are the one of the most affordable solar panel options available todays in the market.

Is Risen panels ideal for the rooftop solar?

Yes! Most of the Australian residential and commercial sites have Risen solar panels that sit well on the rooftop. Not only are they strong and tailored to local conditions, but the Risen half-cut mono cell also works perfectly in the shade.

 There are also wide various of solar panels to choose from, such as polycrystalline, mono crystal, and HJT. For a large-scale rooftop area, risen panel is the perfect panels for you.  The mechanical elasticity of the Risen panel is also excellent with wind and snow loads of 5400pa and 2400pa.


Risen Energy Australia (Risen) latest exposed the Titan series high-functioning solar panels for the residential and commercial sites at the 2021 Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition in Sydney.

 Featuring the latest 210mm cell technology, the Titan S module delivers higher efficiency through a 390 / 400Wp power style scale, it can be a more functioning to the mainstream 370W residential modules of latest technology in Australian market.

 Also, they announced a Titan 550Wp and 600Wp models for the commercial and large-scale services in the markets. These models feature improved performance, lower costs, higher reliability, and lower flat-rate energy costs.

For a 6.6 kW standard system, the panel may require will be from 18 (370 W) to 17 (390 W).

 “Titan’s compact features are ideal for rooftop applications and are highly compatible with mainstream inverters.

” Risen panels have been significantly tested in Australian conditions and have a 15-year roof application warranty.  “Risen is honoured to implement an invention of panels that produces the higher output and wants to increase the end user agreement through this innovative product.

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