Power and energy are the two different thing and sometimes we tend to get confused in both terminologies. 

So, if you want to learn how to design your own solar system then this 3 min video, I will help you to understand the very basis thing which is the difference between power and energy. 

Capacity of a machine to do some work is called power and we measures in WATT. However, energy is a measure of how much work a machine/appliance has done.  We measure energy in KWH or watt hour. 

Let’s suppose if we want to cover the distance of 1 km in 10 min and in other case we want to cover the same distance which is 1 km in 5 min. Obviously if you want to cover it in 5 min you have to run faster but in both scenario, your total energy requirement is same but your power requirement will be different. So technically you required more power to cover in 5 min as compare to 10 min. 

Similarly, in our house few appliances AC, Electric stove or heater need more power and on the other side TV, Fridge or charging cables required less power to run. That is why when we buy things from market, we check their power rating like what is the power rating of LED or a fridge. Easiest way of getting this information is the sticker which we usually see side of the box along with serial number and other information. You can also check power rating on internet of that particular device or a model. 

Let me take a quick another example let’s suppose you got two bulb one is 10w and other one is 200w and we know 10w bulb is way dimmer as compare to the other one. The Basis reason behind that because we are pushing 10watts into the 10w bulb and we are pushing 200w electricity into the 200w Bulb and that is why they are 20 times brighter than 20w. 

You can also understand this concept with the example of water through the hosepipe. The more tap you open more water will comes out of the pipe. Therefore, the amount of water flowing through the pipe is determined the amount of power required, and if you are filling the bucket with the same water then amount of water is filled in the bucket is the amount of electricity you have used or saved in battery. 

So in order to design the system first you need to see the power rating of your house appliances like fan, fridge, electric heater, AC, dishwasher, electric stove, computers and so on. 

How much time the machine is working? 

Power (Watt) X Duration of use (hours) 

5 watt X 5 hours in a day = 25 w hr per day. 

1000watt X 1 hours = 1000wh i.e. 1 kwh

With this exercise you can calculate your house average daily, monthly and yearly consumption. Second very best and easiest way of finding this information is your electricity bill. It always shows the numbers that how much average kwh any house is using, and, on that basis, you can design your solar system. One thing needs to remember that solar only works in daytime so when you design your system without battery then your calculation should be basis on daytime consumption. 

So KW measures power- the rate you use or produce electricity and KWH measures energy that amount of electricity you have used or produced. 

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